With Bespokes by Jamie Legg, we will develop tailor made, pixel perfect software for you and your team, ranging from complex back end algorithms, to websites, to PWA's, and native mobile applications. To find out more about our full range of services and to get a free quote, contact us below.


We entertain every query, from the smallest of jobs to the biggest, and maintain that we will never charge you for making a quotation.


We work with design services daily, we know how to build a modern flowing application.


From the first point of contact to the last, you are in full control of anything and everything we create for you.


We are dedicated until the very last line of code, and it shows through our services.

Creative Design

Working with current technologies daily, we know what ticks.

Unlimited Features

There is no limit to your scope, we can add things on for the full duration of your project.

Full Free Chat

24/7 Line of service, so you can always reach us no matter when or where.

Retina ready

We work on devices capable of up to 5K retina displays.

High Resolution

Our range of end devices includes every modern smart phone, and resolutions of up to and including 16K.

Clean Codes

Should you ever want a peak behind the curtain, we guarantee you fill find clean and commented code.

Affordable Price

We are dedicated to finding a price that is suitable for you.


  • $ Variable/Month
  • Customer Support 24/7
  • Unlimited Scope
  • Native iOS/Android
  • PWA Chrome/Safari/Internet Explorer/Firefox


Meet the team

Jamie has 6 years of bespoke software development, fluent in all common front end languages, as well as Node JS, Typescript, Ionic and Angular environments.

Jamie Legg